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Merit Solutions Customer Satisfaction Scores

Microsoft preforms an annual survey of all Merit customers and rates our performance as a Microsoft Business partner. This is an independent third party survey conducted by Microsoft. The Merit Solutions 2011 scores for the Microsoft Customer Satisfaction (CSAT) are below:

Merit Solutions Customer Satisfaction Scores

NSAT (Net Satisfaction score). Our clients gave us a score of 190 out of a possible 200. Achieving a score higher than 100 indicates that a greater proportion of customers are satisfied than dissatisfied, while a score of less than 100 signals the opposite. The higher your NSAT, the more satisfied the customer base.

Customer Loyalty Segmentation. 90% of our clients are "Champions". A high proportion of Champions signifies a customer base that advocates your company to family friends, and colleagues, and expects to continue doing business with you. (NOTE: The other 10% of Merit Solutions customers are "Moral Supporters" - likely to recommend, but do not expect to repurchase from you in the following 12 months.)

Loyalty. We achieved a Loyalty score of 92%. Loyalty is a composite index that incorporates customer satisfaction, likelihood to recommend your company to friends or colleagues, likelihood to purchase from you again, and perceptions of the competitive advantage provided by your company. The higher the Loyalty Index, the more likely your customers will continue to come to you for their needs.

Overall Performance. This measure indicates the percent of customers that consider your overall performance outstanding or exemplary (i.e., they rate your company’s performance an 8 or 9 on a 9-pt. scale). 80% of our customers rated our performance outstanding or exemplary.

Participating in the Microsoft Customer Satisfaction (CSAT) Index is a requirement for all Microsoft Gold Certified Partners. The program measures and monitors customer satisfaction and loyalty, ensuring the quality and value of every Microsoft Certified Partner. If partners do not participate in / or achieve annual CSAT Scores, they will lose their Microsoft Partner Certification.  

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