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MAXFood Safety Recall Management Workbench

As a Food Manufacturing or Distribution organization, it is your responsibility to track and trace all products from the time they are received or manufactured through delivery to your customer. At any given moment, Food companies must be able to quickly and effectively recall products that have been deemed unsafe for the market. Failure to handle a recall successfully (either voluntary or mandatory) can have serious economic and legal consequences.

The bottom line: you don’t want to be one of the food manufacturers caught without adequate Food Safety and Food Recall ERP systems! Unfortunately, many Food companies today are not ready to handle a recall, and are putting their company at risk.

With the ever increasing levels of press and public backlash associated with Food Safety and Food Recalls, it is becoming even more important for Food companies to have the proper Recall Management processes in place.

The MAXFood Safety Recall Management Workbench makes it easier to:

  • Recall product shipped to customers.

  • Stop production for any affected in-process manufacturing orders.

  • Find and quarantine any on-hand batches subject to a recall.

  • Search by Lot Number, Batch Number, Work Center, or Date Range.

  • Quickly notify Customers and Vendors of potential recalled products.  

The MAXFood Recall Management Workbench streamlines and automates the recall process, enabling companies to not only perform effective product recalls, but to provide concrete documentation and proof that your company followed all FDA GMP mandated recall procedures. By using the MAXFood Recall Management Workbench, companies are given full transparency into the recall process, allowing them to better track the status of a recall, confirm that all of the recalled product was pulled, and quickly notify the customers, vendors, and partners affected by the recall.

With the MAXFood Recall Management Workbench, Food companies can minimize risk, maximize product safety, and deliver greater value to their customers.

MAXFood ERP can dramatically improve profitability, productivity, and product safety at even the most complex organizations. Contact Merit Solutions to learn more about MAXFood Safety.

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