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Food Safety Incident Management

Food and Beverage companies are required to detect and react to Food Safety Incidents (non-conformances) and ensure that appropriate actions are taken to correct and prevent future occurrences. Still, more than half of the FDA warning letters cite Corrective Action / Preventive Action deficiencies.

The common pitfalls and challenges of a Food Safety Incident Management system include:

  • Inability to link related problems

  • Inconsistent investigation process

  • Confusion over the difference between Corrective Action and Preventive Action

  • Time-consuming approval process

  • Changes to the action plan mid-stream

  • No means to generate metrics  

Benefits of MAXFood's Food Safety Incident Management capability:

  • Quickly document Food Safety non-conformances and record all relevant incident information.

  • Automate the processes of assigning non-conformances, investigations, and corrective actions.

  • Improve management of Food Safety Incidents with root cause analysis and real-time trend reporting on food safety issues.

  • Streamline compliance with food safety regulations, including HACCP, SQF, and ISO.

  • Improve brand loyalty and customer satisfaction by continuously improving food safety and responding quickly to potential incidents.

MAXFood's Food Safety Incident Management capabilities enable you to increase control and assuredness for how your organization operates. With MAXFood, you can generate a Corrective Action or Preventive Action request that routes through review, root cause, corrective action taken, and verification stages. This Corrective Action tracking software generates multiple reports automatically, providing an effective mechanism for tracking the source and costs of problems.  

Using a systematic approach to correcting and preventing issues, measuring the outcome and continuously monitoring the system can ensure that a company is compliant, effective and efficient. And, having a well-thought-out Food Safety Incident Management system can result in successful audits, fewer investigations, less product loss, better customer satisfaction, and an increase in overall operational efficiencies.

MAXFood ERP can dramatically improve profitability, productivity, and product safety at even the most complex organizations. Contact Merit Solutions to learn more about MAXFood Safety.

MAXFood Safety Incident Management
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