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MAXFood Safety ERP Software

Today's food companies need to focus on minimizing risk (by implementing HACCP) and preventing and responding to food safety incidents (through Food Safety Incident Management and Recall Management). Failing to adhere to these regulations can hinder consumer and shareholder confidence, erode your bottom line, and cause irreparable damage to brand equity.

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Food Safety Document Management Portal MAXFood Safety Incident Management MAXFood Safety Recall Management Workbench

MAXFood Safety ERP streamlines how food companies operate according to the guidelines of the Food Safety Modernization Act, and according to Good Manufacturing Processes. MAXFood Safety provides more than just lot traceability and corrective actions; it enables you to identify, document, monitor and follow up on critical control points, thereby supporting compliance with even the most stringent regulations and reporting requirements, including GFSI and SQF protocols. 

And with MAXFood Cloud ERP, you can give your employees real-time visibility and anytime, anywhere access to the critical business data they need to be successful - without compromising functionality or security.

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