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Companies are under enormous pressure to comply with a growing number, range and complexity of regulatory requirements. The growing demands of doing business in a rapidly changing global environment, the need to provide relevant and timely information, and report accurately and regularly to authorities, partners, stakeholders, and shareholders, have created even more challenges for organizations – making compliance adoption more critical than ever.

It's not easy managing the challenges of compliance; however, best-in-class organizations are beginning to recognize the benefits of compliance and are turning it to their advantage – bringing their operations under better control while driving down compliance costs.

Benefits of Microsoft Dynamics AX Compliance Management:

  • Empower more employees. Microsoft Dynamics AX is easy to learn and use, enabling more people in your organization to use the system. The more people who use the system the better control you have over your business processes and corporate procedures.

  • Take control of your processes. Standard operating procedures can help ensure that efficient and consistent actions are carried out in your organization. Automating the processes associated with standard operating procedures help people focus on activities that add value to your business.

  • Prepare your organization to meet compliance requirements. Now you can enable your organization to meet a variety of compliance requirements and customer mandates - including financial, legal, and environmental - across multiple countries and jurisdictions.

  • See the whole picture. Microsoft Dynamics AX ensures transparency into corporate governance and compliance activities with the Compliance Center, a single location for policies and procedures, process documents, database logs, reports, charts, and key risk indicators.

  • Reduce costs. Microsoft Dynamics AX helps enable organizations to reduce the total cost of compliance out-of-the-box. It removes manual processes that reduce productivity and lead to higher costs by automating and streamlining standard methodologies for risk and compliance processes.

By actively managing a balance between compliance requirements and agile business practices within the organization, organizations can realize the benefits of reduced risk, increased operational efficiency, and the continued building of a foundation on which to grow.

Microsoft Dynamics AX Compliance Management features:

  • Comply with National and International Regulations
  • Better Internal Controls with Approval Workflows
  • Enforce Standard Operating Procedures
  • Improve Compliance Awareness and Training
  • Track and Trace Transactions
  • Verify and Approve with Electronic / Digital Signature
  • Actively Monitor Data Changes with Alerts
  • Automate Quality Assurance
  • Reduce Risk with Improved Security Settings

Microsoft Dynamics AX Compliance Management screenshots:

Microsoft Dynamics AX Simplifying Compliance Demo

Simplifying Compliance: Audit Workbench, IFRS, & the Compliance Portal
In this video, take a look at the key enhancements made in compliance and auditing in Microsoft Dynamics AX 2012, which enables companies to enforce compliance in a consistent and cost effective manner, while streamlining business processes and improving efficiency across the organization.

View Compliance Demo!

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